Xenon 2 problem with sound

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Xenon 2 problem with sound

Postby halfminute » Sun 04 May, 2014 10:36 am

This game only supports PC speaker for sound. There is a problem with background noise that don't go away. On this screen its most apparent (press SPACE after game starting)

Configuration :
Dos 6.22, Cute Mouse, EMM.
Machine : Award SiS 496/497
Video : Trident TVGA8900D
CPU : Intel/ i486DX/33
Cache : A lot
Video Speed : Fast VLB/PCI
SoundCard : SoundBlaster 1.0
Gravis Ultrasound enabled, ver. 2.28a
Dos 6.22, Cute Mouse, EMM.
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Re: Xenon 2 problem with sound

Postby SarahWalker » Wed 16 Jul, 2014 7:12 pm

Can't reproduce this. You reported this a while ago - can you check if it still happens for you with more recent builds?

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