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Strange SpectreVR input / num lock bug

Posted: Wed 22 Apr, 2015 7:35 pm
by leilei
If you use the arrow keys to turn you'll also switch your view to the left. This makes aiming and moving very hard.

This happens when playing the DOS version of Spectre VR (svr.exe) under MS-DOS (no TSRs), unless num lock is off.
HOWEVER! IF you play that same DOS version in Windows 98 (win95/me untested) this camera/input bug goes away, even with num lock enabled.

Similarly, the about screen flashes instantly as if two keys were pressed at once. Symptom doesn't appear under Windows. Numlock doesn't affect this however.

Happens on interpreter WinChip100 and dynarec Pentium 100, Rev 228. 486 and 386 untested.

Windows version of Spectre VR and earlier versions of Spectre are untested.

EDIT: Windows version of Spectre VR? there's huge corruption in the renderer's matrix to the point the game isn't playable (i.e. upside down world, not many degress to aim)

Re: Strange SpectreVR input / num lock bug

Posted: Sat 29 Aug, 2015 2:44 pm
by leilei
As of revision 330, the Win16 version of Spectre VR is now fixed. To prove it, I just shot something

Re: Strange SpectreVR input / num lock bug

Posted: Wed 08 Nov, 2017 6:03 am
by leilei
This same bug also affects Corncob 3D. the arrow keys will press on left shift causing secondary guns to fire when the plane turns.