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Amstrad PC oddities

Posted: Sun 31 Dec, 2017 11:20 am
by Zup
So I've updated to PCEM v13.1 (without patches) and I've been testing some Amstrad PCs, and I've got some bugs to report.

1.- Since the first time I tried PCem there is a bug on keyboard controller. If I switch out of PCem using CTRL+End, after going back to PCem it seems that control key has became stuck (i.e.: dir becames ^D^I^R). Switching using the middle mouse button does not trigger this failure. Also, using AltGr+any key makes the keyboard unoperable. I've encountered this bug on Amstrad PC2086, Amstrad PC3086 and Sinclair PC200. I don't know if this is important, but I have Windows 10 x64, using a spanish USB keyboard.

1.5.- The bug with AltGr has appeared on other XT clones, but only when using keyb sp. Using Ctrl+Alt instead of AltGr does work.

2.- If I connect a disk to the PC2086 using the DTC 5150X controller, the disk is detected and formatted but unable to boot. The same disk with the same controller connected to another computer (i.e.: PC1512) does work; also connecting the same disk to the PC2086 using the Xebec controller does work. I wanted to create a 30 Mb HDD (as in PC2086 HD30), but Xebec controller does not work. This bug also happens in PC3086. AFAIR, Amstrad PC2086 had an onboard (disabled because it had a bug and replaced with a external card) MFM controller, maybe the MFM controller BIOS is still operating, or something in PC2086 BIOS prevents it from operating.