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Strange shader manager problem

Posted: Sat 17 Feb, 2018 1:05 pm
by resle
A picture, first:
The attachment shader_1.JPG is no longer available
The shader manager became nonfunctional, presenting all variables as an unchangeable series of -0.0 values.
It doesn't matter what shader it is. Any shader I add and try to configure, on any machine I pick, seems to have the same issue.

I suspect it's something that hasn't really to do with the shaders, but rather with... widgets? As a fewtimes, trying repeatedly to edit the values, PCem crashed with errors concerning WX[something].dll but I have been unable to capture the dialog before the application closed completely.

Attaching configs as usual albeit I doubt there's any anomaly to observe within.

Re: Strange shader manager problem

Posted: Sun 18 Feb, 2018 5:07 am
by resle
Fresh installation, same problem.

I am running PCem on Windows 10 x64:
Does PCem create any folder anywhere that could require cleanup? I couldn't find anything in the usual places such as user profile's roaming data, c:\programdata and so forth.

Alternatively, could this depend on anything having changed with the most recent Windows build?

Re: Strange shader manager problem

Posted: Mon 19 Feb, 2018 7:30 am
by resle
I am at a loss: fresh install, different machine, and still the shader manager is nonfunctional like in the screenshot above.
Windows 10 build 17074 - I don't have a machine with an earlier build at hand, unfortunately. I have several VMs but none support Opengl 3.0.

Let me restate it for maximum clarity:
- PCem 13.1, Windows 10 x64
- Fresh install
- it happens regardless of what shader is used, I even tried with a very basic one I wrote myself on the fly
- it happens regardless of the machine's configuration (created a few from scratch)

I am puzzled that no one has stumbled into the same issue yet.