[BUG] KMX-C-02 keyboard freeze

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[BUG] KMX-C-02 keyboard freeze

Post by Fenix77 » Sun 11 Mar, 2018 8:55 pm

I Tested several applications, The KMX-C-02 machine boots normally, but at some point it locks up, when typing or playing a game with the arrow keys.

The games I tested:

Rick Dangerous II: during the game the machine stops responding an behaves as if a direction key were pressed and hold.
Rock'n Roll (rainbow Arts 1990): Does the same

Freedos EDIT: It lock's up only the mouse responds. I can exit Freedos with the Mouse, but the keyboard does not respond.

Other machines works correctly:
Tested : GW-CT286 GEAR and MR 386 DX.

Question: Is the bug related to the keyboard options in the BIOS or this machine is in some way different in it's keyboard implementation?

Screenshot from 2018-03-11 17-40-55.png
Keyboard options in the BIOS
Screenshot from 2018-03-11 17-40-55.png (62.2 KiB) Viewed 1596 times

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Re: [BUG] KMX-C-02 keyboard freeze

Post by Greatpsycho » Mon 12 Mar, 2018 4:54 am

This problem is caused by using keyboard command 0xB4 and 0xBC that aren't yet implemented in PCem. Here are two workaround to avoid this problem. You only need to apply one of the two methods below(Both are actually same).

1. Modify BIOS rom file. Change offset 0x256 - 0x04 to 0x00 and offset 0xFF50 - 0x99 to 0x9D.
2. Apply attatched patch to PCem.
Workaround patch to avoid KMX-C-02 keyboard problem.
(581 Bytes) Downloaded 72 times

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Re: [BUG] KMX-C-02 keyboard freeze

Post by omarsis81 » Mon 12 Mar, 2018 3:58 pm

Greatpsycho: did you submit your patch for Sarah's approval? It may enter the next't PCem release

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Re: [BUG] KMX-C-02 keyboard freeze

Post by SarahWalker » Mon 12 Mar, 2018 8:33 pm

Fixed in rev 1103.

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