[BUG] Bubble Bobble with CGA, TANDY and Hercules Card

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[BUG] Bubble Bobble with CGA, TANDY and Hercules Card

Post by Fenix77 » Sun 18 Mar, 2018 2:05 am

I tested the game Bubble bobble with IBM XT, DTK 8088 and IBM AT 286 with CGA and Hercules graphics.

CGA graphics

With CGA video mode with XT machines slowdowns occurs when busting bubbles with enemies and when the level is finished. Otherwise the game works.
The same slowdown occurs in the Tandy 1000/SL2 machine with Tandy 16 color video and Tandy 3-voice speaker.

The games was intended to run on any 8088 or later machines.
Back in the day I had an XT clone with a Hercules graphics card the game came in two 5.25 360kb floppies' and worked flawlessly.

With CGA and AT 286 machine works

Hercules Graphics.

The game Supports natively CGA,Tandy, EGA and VGA. But back in the day I used a small TSR file (MONO.COM) to emulate the CGA video mode.
Of course the CGA emulation with amber screen is similar but not identical to the shades of amber used by the Hercules.
In the Hercules card with CGA emulation the machine locks up after showing initial "TAITO" screen.
I tested the same driver with Rick Dangerous 2 and it works perfectly.
I have it and copied it back from the original 360kb floppy in 2001.

It occurs in all machines. I don't know if it is a speed problem with the game or a problem with Hercules emulation.
This game had problems with early versions of Dosbox too. It is tricky to emulate.

I attached the MONO.COM file too.
CGA emulator for Hercules card
(956 Bytes) Downloaded 70 times
Bubble Bobble Hercules.png
Bubble Bobble Freezes in Hercules mode.
Bubble Bobble Hercules.png (224.63 KiB) Viewed 661 times

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