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PC arcades

Post by leilei » Thu 05 Apr, 2018 1:45 am

Even though it's way outside the scope, I was curious enough to boot some of the PC-based MAME chd dumps. Most of the ones that get far stop at the dongle and proprietary barely-documented arcade input/coinage/billing hardware, but that didn't stop me from trying. :)

Eggs Playing Chicken (P133 w/ Trident 9680, DOS 6.0):
- Graphics are 640x240x15 and renders/runs okay on Tseng ET4000w32p
- No sound (uses some AMD chip for that)
- No input

Quake Arcade Tournament Edition (P2 233 w/ Quantum3D Voodoo2, Win95):
- Stops at dongle check
- Unemulated quantum Arcade hardware also required, but as it's Quake it could probably be rebound to traditional kb/m controls

Savage Quest (P2 450 w/ Voodoo2, SB16, DOS 6.22):
- Stops at a dongle warning which is upside down

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