Microsoft Pandora's box bug / issue ??

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Microsoft Pandora's box bug / issue ??

Post by Siggy12 » Sun 22 Jul, 2018 6:03 pm

Hello guys,
first of all congratulation for this fantastic emulator,
i want to submit a bug that I faced on this game "Microsoft Pandora's Box".
When you try to solve any "Focus point" puzzle, when you move the tiles game randomly exit to windows without show any error, this happen too on windows 98 but don't happen on windows 2000 SP4 (I'm talking always in PCem) for example
I can assure that this game work perfectly under windows 95 and windows 98 and this don't happen when you try other kind of puzzle but seems only related to the "FOCUS POINT" type.

my pcem configuration is
MOBO: soket 7
CPU: pentium 166
sound card: Sound Blster 16
video card: S3 Virge DX / with 3dfx voodoo 2 4 mb not sli
RAM :32 MB
OS: Windows 95 OSR2

My PC configuration is

CPU: i3 8100
RAM: 8 gb
video card: GTX 970
motherboard: gygabyte Z370 HD3
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