Remote Desktop Mouse

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Remote Desktop Mouse

Post by ericdestefano »

First and foremost, PCem is amazing, and 13 year old me that read everything from Computer Shopper to PC Magazine is going crazy that I can run all these amazing systems.

My question is regarding Remote connections, and the mouse going crazy fast where 1mm of movement equals jumping all over the place. I have used Linux as my host, with XRDP, and Windows Server 2016 w/MS RDP, and the results were the same each time. However, when I used X11/Xephyr to fire up PCem, the mouse actually barely moved at all.

I would love to know if any workarounds exist for this. I pretty much rely on remote connections to do most of home computing, and if none do exist, would love to understand why this happens for my own knowledge.

Thanks in advance, and look forward to v15.
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Re: Remote Desktop Mouse

Post by Araripe »

I'm afraid there's no fix, sadly. I ran across the same issue a couple months ago :(
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Re: Remote Desktop Mouse

Post by gladstone »

Abit old but, you can try use x11 forwarding.
I use it on my Chromebook with crostini (linux).
The host is raspberry pi 4.
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