Sound lag.

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Sound lag.

Post by rokko30 »

Sound lag on emulated 166mhz pentium or similar cpu-s and above in win 95 (+all osr ver)/98 (se NOT tested). I try all possible sound cards.

My computer: 3ghz dual core, 8 gb ram, geforce gtx 660 vido card. Pc-emu ver 15.
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Re: Sound lag.

Post by te_lanus »

Think with that spec PC, the lag is because of it.
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Re: Sound lag.

Post by tk421 »

PCem seems to run very well with a CPU running at 4 Ghz or more. I ran system tests on the i7 8750H and i7 9750H CPUs, and the latter is much more PCem-friendly, while the former could run most 166 MMX tasks well.

The 9750H works at about 4.15 Ghz, which is fine for almost any game, but if the sound stutters at all, it will not be in-game. If video cutscenes are too demanding, then there might be some sound lag, and you might find some sound lag while using game menus, but not enough to detract from the experience of using PCem with a P233 MMX or even the Mobile P300 MMX.

My system tests with older, ~3 Ghz CPUs was ok, but sound lag becomes an issue running anything faster than a Pentium 90.

In my experience, having a newer CPU makes a difference. The 9750H should run at 4.3 Ghz without difficulty, but that is quite rare with that CPU. Often enough I was getting 100% on PCem even though the CPU was only working at 3.5 Ghz.
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