V10 - Earthsiege etc Issues

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V10 - Earthsiege etc Issues

Postby leilei » Sun 01 Nov, 2015 8:58 am

Recently Hi-Rez released almost the whole MetalTech/Tribes universe for free and some of them have issues

Earthsiege - Soundset.exe segfaults itself, Escd.exe segfaults itself.. Dynarec Pentium, Interpreter Winchip tested. Pure DOS

Earthsiege 2 - Seems to work fine, though the installer gave me a crash when I tried to change path once. Win98SE. WinME

Starsiege - 2D Triangle artifacts in Voodoo. Dynarec Pentium tested. WinME
Real mode OAK CD-ROM drivers won't read more than 128mb of the disc and will fail the install. Prossibly real behavior, haven't doublechecked. Win98SE

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