alternate OPL cores for PCem

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alternate OPL cores for PCem

Postby commander_keen » Sun 15 Nov, 2015 7:36 pm

I found these cores in the ZDoom wiki. Has anyone tried compiling PCem with these cores yet? They seem to be GPL and LGPL compatible.

OPL3 Only Cores
Nuked OPL:
First emulator to LLE using decapsulated ROMs. This seems very interesting. ... edopl3.cpp ... ukedopl3.h

That Vintage Tone:
OPL3 emulator based off recordings of real SB16 output and rhythm mode tests. ... h/OPL3.cpp

OPL2 and OPL3
AdLibEmu Mod:
An outdated version of this core was originally featured in early versions of PCem. ValleyBell made a mod of the DOSBox version of this core and updated it to be more accurate for VGMPlay. I linked it below. ... hips/opl.c ... hips/opl.h

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