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Re: Host machine survey

Post by terub56 » Mon 15 Oct, 2018 6:59 pm

Zup: In PCem window click in the option menu Misc->Machine, and in the Machine window select Speed history. The 100% mark corresponds to the second line from top in the graph. Start a machine with a Pentium CPU and check in the graph which is the fastest emulated CPU that never goes below 100%.

In my case, I get a 100% booting up MS-DOS 6.22 and some drops below 100% in Windows 95C with a Pentium 75 MHz.

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Re: Host machine survey

Post by Araripe » Tue 16 Oct, 2018 3:52 pm

i7 4710MQ 2.5 Ghz
nVidia GTX 880M 4 GB GDDR5
128 GB SSD
1 TB HDD 5400 RPM
1 TB HDD 5400 RPM on USB 3.0

Guest (main):
Award 430VX PCI
Pentium 120
256 MB RAM
1 GB HDD for OS
2 GB HDD for Games
Windows 98 SE

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Re: Host machine survey

Post by alexmocanu » Sun 28 Oct, 2018 9:43 pm

Host machine:
myria 8306 laptop (rebranded no-name toy, sold under many names)
Passively cooled Apollo Lake Celeron N3350@1.1 Ghz
4 GB RAM @800Mhz
32 GB slow EMMC
Windows 10

Fastest guest I could run (never dropped below 95% and ran at 100% for most of the time) with the poor Celeron boosting to about 1.5 Ghz:
AMI 486 Clone
486SX @16Mhz
Phoenix S3 Trio
Windows 95
no recompiler

With the recompiler turned on I was able to push the emulated cpu to 486DX@33Mhz but I couldn't install Windows (errors in SUWIN.DLL and other dll's) so I disabled it.

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Re: Host machine survey

Post by RealNC » Wed 07 Nov, 2018 11:09 pm

Core i5 2500K (Sandy Brdge, 3.3-3.7GHz)

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Re: Host machine survey

Post by Tale » Tue 13 Nov, 2018 9:29 pm

Core i7-4770 (Haswell, 3.40-3.90 GHz)
Win10 Pro x64 (1803)

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