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Windows Sound System - Just static

Posted: Tue 26 Jan, 2016 8:05 pm
by gerwin
Bug Report regarding PCem V10's Windows Sound System output:
I wanted to test the WSS driver I rewrote for Doom MBF 2.04.

What the effect of the bug was: Whenever a sound should play it is heard as static, MPXplay output is bad but still recognizable
Description of the error, if any: Windows Sound System output is garbled
What software was running on the emulator at the time: Miles sound system Digplay.exe / MPXplay 1.60 / Doom MBF 2.04
What OS was running on the emulator at the time: MS-DOS 7.10
What configuration was being used in the emulator: Award SiS 496/497 + 486DX-50 + Windows Sound System at I/O=530h IRQ=7 DMA=3
Whether the dynamic recompiler was being used: Dynamic Recompiler not enabled