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Problems with recent code commits.

Posted: Tue 30 Aug, 2016 6:07 pm
by bloodbat
I tend to keep my personal PCem build up to date with the latest developments, but I've run into a couple of issues with several of the last commits, maybe it's useful to you to be aware of them:
-Floppy changing seems to be broken: I insert a disk into drive a, say I "dir" the contents...change to another disk, "dir" the contents again...disk hasn't changed, I can get it to work if I eject drive a, "dir" the now empty drive, get a "not ready reading drive a" error, fail it, insert the disk again and "dir" it, it's then the floppy change gets acknowledged, needless to say makes installing quite a few floppy based programs impossible, this happens in my 386 and 486 PCem machines, could happen on others as well. This used to work before, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to install DOS, Windows our Sound Blaster drivers.
-The dynamic recompiler fails on the 486 when loading the CD-ROM drivers. I have the CD-ROM in the emulator set to use one of the host's drives and it works fine, unless I recompile PCem starting with commit 7b8c372, then PCem will crash when config.sys gets to the cdrom.sys driver. I'm using the driver found at here I also have a Pentium PCem machine for Windows 98 and that one seems to be working fine.
-After commit bdefd8e I see no difference: PCem still hates Direct3D at times and just hangs.
I hope these reports are useful and can be fixed :)
In a different note, is there any hope to implement a proper MPU-401? While most software I've tried works fine with SoftMPU, some can be annoyingly slow to start (for example Conquests of Camelot). A proper "intelligent" MPU-401 would obviate the need for SoftMPU (and would allow some games that don't like EMS, needed to use SoftMPU, to work, like Ultima 7 Serpent Isle).
Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to this project :)