[Request] Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold Support

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[Request] Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold Support

Post by grommit2007 » Fri 28 Apr, 2017 3:32 am

Would it be possible to have AWE64 Gold emulation in PCem?

Since there is AWE32 support already, how much work would be required to implement it?

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Re: [Request] Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold Support

Post by leilei » Fri 28 Apr, 2017 10:18 pm

It would be a little futile at this point. The main difference for this card is:

- Way better SNR than AWE32 (which is already helped by not emulating awe32's terrible noise floor)
- The PCM goes through the EMU8000 and makes use of its effects (effects which PCem does not emulate)
- There is most definitely no YMF262 (no one's emulated a CQM chip at this point afaik)
- Software bundle (WaveSynth/WG is one of the "64" features and it already works fine with the AWE32 emulation)
- It's smaller and not all models have upgradeable ram.

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