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Re: 8086 emulation

Post by ruben_balea » Sun 05 Nov, 2017 7:26 pm

Now that the emulation problem is solved I want to explain how to determine the version of the game that you are using,
because the game itself won' t test CPU type and loading the 286 version on a 8086/8088 will hang the system without any explanation:

There are (at least) 3 types of Titus executables, two will run on a 8086 and higher and the other needs a 286 or higher.
All files are named "FOX.COM" and to know which one you have you can use the TYPE command from dos or look the file size.

If you run type fox.com from dos prompt and it displays "ZIVpackED by Eric ZMIRO 1991" or "Best Protection Kit by E.ZMIRO !!!" then you *possibly* have the version for 8088/8086 and it will run nearly on every computer.
One executable isn't just a copy of the other with a different message because the file contents looks completely different, maybe another encryption scheme, although once decompressed to RAM both ones have the same contents...
Both files are 44389 bytes long.
See the screenshots:
type fox.com 8086.png
type fox.com 8086.png (6.79 KiB) Viewed 906 times
type fox.com 8086_2.png
type fox.com 8086_2.png (6.72 KiB) Viewed 859 times
If you run type fox.com from dos prompt and it displays "Protection kit-B 1993 by E.ZMIRO!" then you *possibly* have the version that runs only on a 286 or higher.
This other is 37839 bytes long.
See the screenshot:
type fox.com 80286.png
type fox.com 80286.png (6.88 KiB) Viewed 906 times
[Updated on 13 Nov 2017 because I found another version of the 8086 executable]

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Re: 8086 emulation

Post by Mills » Thu 07 Dec, 2017 2:54 pm

Thanks ruben_balea and SarahWalker, It now runs really well :).

I have the "ZIVpackED by Eric ZMIRO 1991" copy, so everything ok.

TITUS in CGA mode runs JUST as I remember on my 8086/8 using the Amstrad 3086 config.

Maybe it's something to do with the emulation, or maybe the EGA and VGA really speed up the game, nearly twice as fast as the cga mode :). That old pc would have been very happy with a VGA/EGA instead of the MCGA.

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