Gravis Ultrasound port

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Gravis Ultrasound port

Post by Fenix77 » Wed 18 Oct, 2017 7:07 pm


I've been testing different emulated sound cards.
I want to ask if it's possible to add the support of the port 220 to the Gravis Ultasound, (it currently support 240 only)
It's because the port 220 is used it the SET BLASTER= option in the autoexec.bat to provide compatibility with Sound Blaster when SBOS or MEGAEM is installed.

I recently discovered that if change the SET BLASETER port from 220 to 240 and load SBOS i can run Prince of Persia v1.3 with Sound Blaster emulation and in work flawlessly. The Sound is nearly the same than the original Sound BLaster, but it locks up when the Prince open the door to level 2.

Thanks again!

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