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[Request] Lo-tech 2MB EMS Board

Posted: Tue 06 Mar, 2018 5:23 pm
by Fenix77

I would like to have the Lo-tech 2MB EMS Board emulation, if It is possible , (like UniPCemu has). I know many users asked EMS memory boards emulation before.
I found a site with a datasheet from this site It also includes a diagram of the circuit.
I don't know how difficult could be but, It would be a nice addition to 8088/8086 XT machines and some 80286 machines without EMS support.


Re: [Request] Lo-tech 2MB EMS Board

Posted: Tue 06 Mar, 2018 11:50 pm
by ecksemmess
If someone is going to go to the trouble of adding an EMS board to PCem, I'd much rather see a period-accurate one emulated than some recent hobbyist board. Is there anything about the Lo-tech that makes it particularly desirable?

Re: [Request] Lo-tech 2MB EMS Board

Posted: Wed 07 Mar, 2018 12:34 am
by Fenix77

It has nothing special, but there is more documentation about this card than any other from the period. I think it's not so difficult to implement this LIM EMS 3.2 board.
The EMS driver developed by lo-tech is based on the driver for an 8-bit ISA BocaRam card from 1988.
Laser XT machines already supports 512 kb of EMS memory.

The xi8088 created by Kiselev is hobbyist PC, and was recently added in Pcem.

A better card would be (if documentation exists):
1. Intel Above board PC or AT, because Windows 1.0x only support EMS memory from these cards.
2. Another interesting card could be Orchid Ramquest 8/16, support up to 32 MB of LIM EMS 4.0 using 4 MB SIMM modules. But this card can be much more complex to emulate.