New computer? HP Brio 8014 - Help needed

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New computer? HP Brio 8014 - Help needed

Post by omarsis81 » Sat 02 Jun, 2018 4:42 pm

I acquired this HP Brio 8014 computer which is 430VX chipset based with a Phoenix BIOS.
I think this might be a good add to PCem since there is no computer with the 430VX chipset.
Is had a nice Brio splash screen ;)

I know Sarah is busy with the recompiler, but is there anyone else who could make a patch?
There is some urgency in this as you can see in the pic some capacitors blew and there is leakage, I fear the PC could stop from working any day soon.

I dumped the BIOS with Uniflash, but I'm not sure if I done it correctly as the BIOS is not directly supported by Uniflash.
Is the BIOS the one in the last pic? It reads LHF R00.12 MX
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