[question] Epson AX2e/AX3 EMS memory

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[question] Epson AX2e/AX3 EMS memory

Post by Fenix77 » Sun 09 Dec, 2018 3:02 pm

I recently tested the machines with the diagnostic disks.
I found that the diagnostic disk of the AX2e has an EMM286.SYS device driver. I don't know if the EMS chipset is emulated, also the diagnostic disk is in italian language.
I found several AX3 dignistics disk, The "rd-ax3s2.zip" contains an EMM386SX.SYS driver, acoording the EMM386SX.TXT file it is based in the Headland chipset.

But I don't know what EMS chipset is used in the AX2e and if the "rd-ax3s2.zip" file is for the emulated AX3, if it is, maybe the Headland emulation can be ported from the recently added machines.

Here is the site:

Site http://download.epson-europe.com/pub/es/compu/ (all of them in are in Italian)

Thanks in advance!

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