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[Bug] Voodoo recompiler on Linux 64-bit

Posted: Tue 11 Apr, 2017 6:22 pm
by bit
There seems to be an issue with the Voodoo recompiler that is related to texturing.
When testing glQuake the emulator crashes with a Segmentation fault at line 1263 in vid_voodoo.c. Looking at the code lod_min and lod_max are set to 15 which is outside of range of texture_offset, so base is pointing to invalid memory.
Quake2 appears to be working but after loading for a bit it crashes with the message "glTexDownloadMipMap: mipmap cannot span 2 Mbyte boundary".
Monster3D Settings-test displays only a black screen.

I've tried the same configuration on Linux 32-bit (with the patch I provided in the Linux patches-thread) and Windows 32- and 64-bit and glQuake and the Monster3D Settings-test works great without issues.