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Your build environment

Post by dreamer »

I was looking through different posts regarding stability and compiling and I realized that almost everyone is using different environments to build their versions from source. What is yours?

Mine is (Windows):

MinGW (latest)
CMake (latest)
GCC 4.7.2-1
libmpfr 2.4.1-1
libmpc 0.8.1-1
w32api 3.18.2
OpenAL ( latest
DirectX 9 from LibAllegro ( (though it seems to be gone from their page)
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Re: Your build environment

Post by szadycbr »

Hi dreamer, i did start in windows, thanks to You! thank You very much. To config environment in windows is not the to easy for beginner, now i m building in Linux, cos its really easy to config, almost everything is already installed in eg. Ubuntu 16.04. all you need to do in Ubuntu to build including sdl2 wx version
is : sudo apt install libwxgtk3.0-dev libsdl2-dev libopenal-dev . it could nob be simpler.
GCC 4.9.2-2
make 4.0-8.1
libmpfr 3.1.2-2
libopenal 1.15.1-5
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Re: Your build environment

Post by JosepMa »

Here is mine (Under windows):
Msys2 :
currently with these versions:
- GCC 7.1.0-2 (right now only using the 32bit compiler)
- Make 4.2.1-1
- openal 1.18.0-1
Initially, i installed Directx SDK 9, but currently I think i'm using the libraries from MSYS2 itself.
(I think i had to install a couple more libraries, but everything was available from the pacman package manager)

I use the Makefile.mingw , with small modifications (namely, -lopenal in place of -lopenal32 and a few more source changes).

At some point, I would like to take a look at the autoconf files and see if I get it to compile correctly with that.

On linux, I was able to built it under an Ubuntu derived distro ( ZorinOS 64bit ) without much trouble and using autoconf.
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