Suggestion: Change NE2000 default I/O address

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Suggestion: Change NE2000 default I/O address

Post by EluanCM » Thu 22 Feb, 2018 9:24 pm

This issue has bitten me twice, first with real hardware and now with PCem. It is a silent failure.

The XTide and the NE2000 addresses are both 0x300, causing a conflict. In real hardware, I've had to put the card into another (more recent, with IDE) computer and run the NE2000 configuration utility to change the address in the EEPROM. Now, years later, the same issue has bitten me when trying to emulate this same computer with NE2000 and XTide.

Or perhaps a dialog with a error message could be displayed when a overlap like this happens. Like I said, the error is silent and makes us lose a lot of time.

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