Gateway 2000 zappa based system

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Gateway 2000 zappa based system

Post by jznomoney »

Can you add the gateway 2000 machine that is based on the zappa board? I think the bios is called aladd10.
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Re: Gateway 2000 zappa based system

Post by ecksemmess »

aladd10, as the name suggests, was the BIOS for the Gateway OEM ALi Aladdin motherboard, not the Zappa. The Gateway OEM Zappa is called zappb11. It may just be identical to the standard Advanced/ZP though, with Gateway logos and such added but otherwise no change in features or functionality, in which case I can't imagine why it'd be worth adding. I'll see if I can dig up the documentation and find out whether or not there are any actual differences to emulate.
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