[BUG] IOMEGA ZIP under MS-DOS 5.0/Win 3.1

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[BUG] IOMEGA ZIP under MS-DOS 5.0/Win 3.1

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I recently tested the IOMEGA ZIP drive. I tested it with both MS-DOS 5.0/Win 3.1 and Windows 95, with the coresponding device drivers. And checked both emulators PCem and 86box

On PCem:

In DOS 5.0/Win 3.1 installations: The unit is not detected after loading Guest.exe under DOS, although unit is recognized during post on PCI motherboars (it's is the only way the system has to recognize it under DOS OS). I tested both PCI and non-PCI 486 motherboards.

In Windows 95: the unit is recognized automatically, (the unit appears even if no driver is installed), After I installed the drivers and utilities the drive is correctly detected and working.

On 86box:

In DOS 5.0/Win 3.1: With the same hard disk image and drivers it works, and is recognized as drive E: after D: was assigned to CD-ROM.

In Windows 95: Does not work, but for other reasons (mouse pointer problems).

Thanks in advance!
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Re: [BUG] IOMEGA ZIP under MS-DOS 5.0/Win 3.1

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Have you made sure the same mouse type is set for Win95?
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Re: [BUG] IOMEGA ZIP under MS-DOS 5.0/Win 3.1

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Same problem here with Windows 3.1. Guest.exe under DOS does not detect the drive. I've installed the Iomega software and can't seem to get it working. Works great in Win 95/98/ME.
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Re: [BUG] IOMEGA ZIP under MS-DOS 5.0/Win 3.1

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I'm having trouble under DOS and ZIP too
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