new pc build in a few weeks

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new pc build in a few weeks

Post by tr.StEalTH » Tue 06 Nov, 2018 7:00 am

Don't want to bug anyone, but I am anyways..
Thanks for all the hard work on pcem
I run pcem v12 13 14 from dos to windows ME with varied builds, all kinds of games. I use fx9590 with a fx4350 on the side. I can get p166 and winchip200 at 100% on the 4350 some games pull that down, not many. I was going to put pcem on the 9590 but havn't got around to it. Quake champions runs at 80 to 100% load on it and bottlenecks. I have lots of computers. So I was thinking about a new one. Who would of guessed, anyways been looking at cpus today core i78700k, core i78086, ryzen 7 2700x blah blah blah I seen all kinds of benchmarks. Not wanting some 2,000$ chip. The only new game I play is quake champions It pops up with ryzen logo at startup. You would think that means I should get one huh. I have always played on amd chip. Call me cheap idc. I'm a quaker, I think amd and quake go hand in hand. Seems the i7 8700k gets the best fps and stp to boot. ryzan falls right under it and is like 60$ cheaper. Not that I care about 60$ Back to the matter at hand I'm stupid old gamer. Never had a ddr4 computer, I was going to build one last year but hurricane harvey blew my house down. I had to work on that instead. So anyone that has one of those chips or better one in mind wants to help me? Thanks for your time. Just looking for best cpu balance for qc and pcem max 100% If its not to much to ask. :D

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Re: new pc build in a few weeks

Post by SarahWalker » Wed 07 Nov, 2018 10:20 pm

Buy the highest clocked Intel chip you can afford. The current Ryzen chips are about 10-15% slower at the same frequency from my testing.

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