Gravis Ultrasound test hang

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Gravis Ultrasound test hang

Post by DSN » Sun 09 Feb, 2020 7:41 am


I am trying to emulate a Gravis Ultrasound with no success.

The first tests in the Setup program are fine but the Soundblaster/Roland test (the final test) causes the system to freeze.

I also tried selecting both the Soundblaster 16 and Ultrasound. Nothing ever makes any difference, freezes anyway.
testcrash.PNG (22.14 KiB) Viewed 368 times
I tried both Express Setup and Custom Setup, and result is same.

Any help?

In my case, restarting the machine with the Hard Reset option in the File menu the machine gets stuck forever with part of the image on the screen and refuses to start. Also refuses to start if I shut down the machine and reopen it from the Configuration Manager (this leads to a black screen). I must quit the emulator completely and reopen it.

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Re: Gravis Ultrasound test hang

Post by Fenix77 » Sun 09 Feb, 2020 3:40 pm


This bug is, actually, old. Try to start with a clean boot disk without emm386, Qemm or any other 386 memory manager. When the cpu enters in v86 mode ,it conflicts with the setup utility when testing the SB/Roland emulation. And SBOS emulator too because when it is loaded at DOS prompt, it tries to load into UMB memory itself if emm386 is loaded.

I suspect this is not the behavior of the real hardware, for two reasons.

1. The setup utility requires at least 550kb of free conventional ram memory to run. So some device drivers must be loaded into upper memory area with a 386 memory manager. Or use a clean boot disk which isn't the best solution.

2. Mega-em utility ,versions 3.0 and latter , launched in 1995, unifies three TSR utilities,

a. The old versions Mega-em
c. Ultramid

This will not run on any PC emulator right now, because it requires an EMS device driver that must be VCPI compliant (like EMM386) for the Mega-em code and at same time will crash with the SBOS code.

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