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[BUG] Lockup on SCAMPsx machines on win 3.1

Posted: Mon 23 Nov, 2020 7:08 pm
by Fenix77

I recently tested the Commodore SL386SX-25 and Samsung SPC6033P machines, both are 386 SX with SCAMPsx chipsets. I found a bug that randomly locks up the emulated machine when the Commodore machine is used in Windows 3.1 in enhanced mode. With the recently added SPC 6033P, PCem lock ups with a black screen and the DOS cursor when exiting Windows 3.1 also in enhanced mode.
I use the same hard disk image with both machines, both configured with AVGA 2 card. I created this image in Febrary to test the Commodore SL386SX-25, and worked correctly at the time.

Here is the link to the hard disk Image file.

[Moderator : link removed, for obvious reasons]

I also attached the nvr file of the two machines.