Some issues with v11

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Some issues with v11

Post by Zup » Tue 14 Jun, 2016 7:10 am

I've been testing PCem v11 with some old configurations from v10, and I've run into some issues.

- The "model" index has changed. A v10 config from a Compaq Desktop is now a 286 computer.
- RAM sizes and floppy configurations also change, I don't know it that's because those configurations are invalid for the "new" target computers or other indexes changed.
- If you use a config file with a model that has no BIOS present (I guess), it crash to desktop.

Maybe a warning about config files would be handy...

Another issue (that may be a bug) is the behaviour when using the --config parameter. When you use --config (i.e.: pcem --config 430vx.cfg), pcem load config file 430vx.cfg, but it doesn't save to that file. Instead, it saves the configuration to pcem.cfg (the default file) right after loading (and every time the config is changed). I guess the "right" behaviour would be loading and saving to that file, but I don't remember if v10 had the same behaviour.

(On the other side, some CMOS quircks have been solved... Compaq Deskpro and some other boards don't complain about CMOS checksum at every boot.)

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