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QEMU Test Suite

Post by gamax92 » Tue 23 Sep, 2014 7:36 pm

Decided to run QEMU's test suite on PCem, and noticed some differences.

test-386 and test-486 both crash in PCem saying invalid opcode, where they run successfully on Bochs/QEMU/DOSBox/My Machine
test-fpu does run, but there are some differences in the results.

Note that i was using this compiled version on Vogons:

Perhaps at the very least you could use the results for fixes or reporting inaccuracy to QEMU

EDIT: So that invalid opcode comes from the x87 0xDF REG4 which isn't handled by the switch case.
I threw a case entry there with a pclog TODO, the rest of the tests then run.
There are quite a bit of differences between PCem when compared to the other four, although when the other three are compared against themselves, only 2-4 fpu differences

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