Strange keyboard bug

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Strange keyboard bug

Postby Zup » Fri 17 Mar, 2017 12:47 pm

I've got some kind of strange bug with keyboard on v12 (official build). It seems (almost) the same keyboard bug reported here.

- It happened to me on some Amstrad PCs (Amstrad PC2086, Sinclair PC200).
- Other computers (i.e.: Compaq 386, 430VX) are not affected.
- After pressing CTRL+END to switch out from PCem, keyboard becomes non responsive.
- If you switch out using middle click, it does not happen.
- When in DOS prompt (tested with DOS 3.30, DOS 3.31) it does not happen.
- It happened when installing Windows 2.03 (Amstrad PC2086) or Compaq DOS 3.31a (PC200).
- Installing Compaq DOS 3.31a on other computers does not trigger the bug.
- Both installations are made on graphic mode (or at least switch to graphic mode briefly).

Note that I havent tested all PC/XT models (or all Amstrad models), so it may affect a wider selection of computers.

I don't know how many of that findings are useful, or if they are red herrings. Hope you catch and smash that bug.

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