19th December 2021

Michael Manley is taking over as project maintainer, and will be responsible for development and future direction of the project.

The forums have also been reopened.

14th June 2021

Just a quick note to say that I (Sarah Walker) have decided to call it quits. Thanks to those who sent supportive messages, they're genuinely appreciated. Also thanks to those who have supported me and the project over the last decade or so.

If anyone is interested in taking over the project & github repo, please contact me.

1st December 2020

PCem v17 released. Changes from v16 : Thanks to davide78, davefiddes, Greatpsycho, leilei, sards3, shermanp, tigerforce and twilen for contributions towards this release.

19th April 2020

PCem v16 released. Changes from v15 : Thanks to EluanCM, Greatpsycho, John Elliott, and leilei for contributions towards this release.

19th May 2019

PCem v15 released. Changes from v14 : Thanks to dns2kv2, Greatpsycho, Greg V, John Elliott, Koutakun, leilei, Martin_Riarte, rene, Tale and Tux for contributions towards this release.

20th April 2018

PCem v14 released. Changes from v13.1 : Thanks to darksabre76, dns2kv2, EluanCM, Greatpsycho, ja've, John Elliott, leilei and nerd73 for contributions towards this release.

17th December 2017

PCem v13.1 released. This is a quick bugfix release, with the following changes from v13 :

12th December 2017

Re-uploaded v13 Windows archive with missing mda.rom included - please re-download if you've been having issues.

11th December 2017

PCem v13 released. Changes from v12 : Thanks to AmatCoder, basic2004, bit, dns2k, ecksemess, Greatpsycho, hOMER247, James-F, John Elliott, JosepMa, leilei, neozeed, ruben_balea, SA1988 and tomaszkam for contributions towards this release.

18th February 2017

PCem v12 released. Changes from v11 : Thanks to Battler, leilei, John Elliott, Mahod, basic2004 and ecksemmess for contributions towards this release.

7th June 2016

Updated v11 binary - anyone who's been having problems with Voodoo emulation should re-download.

5th June 2016

PCem v11 released. Changes from v10.1 : Thanks to Battler, SA1988, leilei, Greatpsycho, John Elliott, RichardG867, ecksemmess and cooprocks123e for contributions towards this release.

7th November 2015

PCem v10.1 released. This is a minor bugfix release. Changes from v10 :

24th October 2015

PCem v10 released. Changes from v9 : Thanks to te_lanus, ecksemmess, nerd73, GeeDee, Battler, leilei and kurumushi for contributions towards this release.

4th October 2014

PCem v9 released. Changes from v8.1 : Thanks to HalfMinute, SA1988 and Battler for contributions towards this release.

3rd January 2014

PCem v8.1 released. This fixes a number of issues in v8.

20th December 2013

PCem v8 released. Changes from v0.7 :

13th July 2013

PCem is now in source control at http://www.retrosoftware.co.uk/hg/pcem.

3rd August 2012

PCem v0.7 released. Windows 98 now works, Win95 more stable, more machines + graphics cards, and a huge number of fixes.

19th December 2011

PCem v0.6 released. Windows 95 now works, FPU emulation, and load of other stuff.

23rd September 2011

Uploaded a fixed version of PCem v0.5, which has working sound.

21st September 2011

PCem v0.5 released. Loads of fixes + new features in this version.

13th February 2011

PCem v0.41a released. This fixes a disc corruption bug, and re-adds (poor) composite colour emulation.

1st February 2011

PCem v0.41 released. This fixes some embarassing bugs in v0.4, as well as a few games.

27th July 2010

PCem v0.4 released. 386/486 emulation (buggy), GUS emulation, accurate 8088/8086 timings, and lots of other changes.

30th July 2008

PCem v0.3 released. This adds more machines, SB Pro emulation, SVGA emulation, and some other stuff.

14th October 2007

PCem v0.2a released. This is a bugfix release over v0.2.

10th October 2007

PCem v0.2 released. This adds PC1640 and AT emulation, 286 emulation, EGA/VGA emulation, Soundblaster emulation, hard disc emulation, and some bugfixes.

19th August 2007

PCem archive updated with (hopefully) bugfixed version.

15th August 2007

PCem v0.1 released. This is a new emulator for various old XT-based PCs.