[Patch] DFI Super7 boards (WIP)

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[Patch] DFI Super7 boards (WIP)

Post by leilei » Sun 19 May, 2019 12:06 pm

Since I wanted to have one more PCI slot for an AudioPCI+V2SLI setup with a K6-2, and I got sick of the slow dark 640x480 boot screen of the FIC, I naively implemented these other two boards with the same two VIA chips (VT82C586B and 82C598MVP) involved and as a result this patch is very much the bare minimum with no new actual emulation code involved.... but it works. somewhat. This is way too late for v15.

The boards involved are:
DFI K6BV3+ (May 1999)
DFI P5BV3+ (Nov 1998)

What works:
- Boots past POST
- Booting floppies
- Partitioning and formatting a drive
- Installing and running Windows 98 Second Edition
- A SB16
- A Voodoo2 SLI can play Unreal Tournament

What doesn't:
- Flash chip isn't emulated yet (didn't research on what it was and i'm tired)
- IrDA conflicts with LPT2, so I disabled LPT2.
- AudioPCI doesn't work anyway :(
- Proper ram limit for K6BV3 (768MB). Max set to 512MB for now
- The bleeping thermal sensors and fan controls

EDIT: Flash chip involved is a Winbond W29C011A-?? (Obscured by award label)
(4.79 KiB) Downloaded 133 times

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