[Patch] Cyrix M II

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[Patch] Cyrix M II

Post by leilei » Sat 25 May, 2019 9:57 pm

Since the M II is quite literally a 6x86MX rebrand with better voltage/heat (according to all those CPU collection sites out there anyway), it was rather trivial to do this. It's mostly dupes of the higher 6x86MXs with that last CPUID bit changed to reflect "M II / IBM 6x86MX", done by trial and error. Windows 98 sees it as Cyrix M II.

HOWEVER!! I couldn't find any non-IBM 6x86MX beyond PR266, so I removed them off the list. I've also split the list to SS7 to have the higher end M IIs (M II 366-433)

I was tempted to add all the way up to M II-550 but that would be a bit too speculative. 433 exists somewhat, at least, and is also acknowledged on their motherboard compatibility list...
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