Serial device support

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Serial device support

Post by Zorix »

One of the things I would be interested in seeing included in PCem is serial ports. I would like to handle it similar to DosBox, where the options would be to connect to a serial device on the host OS, a virtual modem, or virtual null modem. The most important for me would be the direct serial option, and I can link it to a virtual serial device listening to the tcpser program as a modem.

The reasoning for this is that instead of using the NE2000 network interface, we could, for example, load up Windows 3.1 with Trumpet Winsock and simulate the connection to the internet using a remote PPP session. This part is relatively easy and I would be happy to write up a howto on this if the support in PCem ever appeared.

I know currently all effort is going into the new recompiler for performance enhancement reasons, and that is far more important at this point. But I hope this feature could be useful enough to warrant a spot on the todo list eventually. Let me know of everyone's thoughts on this.

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Re: Serial device support

Post by omarsis81 »

I'd love to have serial cable emulation too
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Re: Serial device support

Post by SarahWalker »

My current todo list is sufficient to keep me occupied until approximately 2273. So this is something I am highly unlikely to get round to looking at.
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