[Patch] Xi8088 fixes

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[Patch] Xi8088 fixes

Post by EluanCM »

This patch makes the Xi8088 work again after a code refactoring on PCem. There's also a small change to the phrasing in the config because the newest revision of the BIOS allows changing turbo/non-turbo speeds from the BIOS instead of just having hotkeys.

(There is also a small change included to allow IRQ12 to be set to the NE2000 network card - the Win95 PnP always wants to set it to this IRQ on IRQ-starved systems that do not have a PS/2 mouse.)
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Re: [Patch] Xi8088 fixes

Post by SarahWalker »

Committed in revs 1498, 1504, and (along with another Xi8088 keyboard fix) in 1505.
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