[BUG] Flight Simulator I on IBM PC

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[BUG] Flight Simulator I on IBM PC

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Flight Simulator I

* What the effect of the bug was (ie more than "doesn't work")
Graphics and physics issues

* Description of the error, if any
- On the landing pad, switching the view ports can cause the plane to crash
- Line drawing is inaccurate. The verticies in the poligons never cross and drawn to infinity. This also corrupts the flood fill.

* What software was running on the emulator at the time
Flight Simulator I
* What OS was running on the emulator at the time
Flight Simulator is bootable
* What configuration was being used in the emulator
IBM PC 5150 - 8088@4.77 MHz - 128K RAM - 2x 360K Floppy - CGA Composite
* Whether the dynamic recompiler was being used
* A screenshot of the issue, if possible

Crash while on runway at 0:43
Line drawing, overflow at 4:28 ?
Flood fill broken, vertex which should be right of the viewport seem to have overflow, and line is drawn to the left edge of the screen instead at 5:24

* Any additional information that seems relevant
Another emulator called PCE does not have these issues interestingly so it seems like an 8088 emulation bug?
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