[BUG] V17: Incorrect emulation speed (see movie)

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[BUG] V17: Incorrect emulation speed (see movie)

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My system: i7 9700k, Linux 5.8.0-38

* Bug Description : Emulation speed inconsistent: some things work with correct speed while others way too fast. ( See movie )

* Software running on the emulator at the time:
I was just running the default video player from Windows 95 as well as some AVI that can be found on the Windows 95 CD.

* OS was running on the emulator at the time : Windows 95 only ( 4.0.1111 )

* Configuration was being used in the emulator :

It is reproduced on several configurations:
CPU: ALL Intel Pentium Models (Pentium 75...Pentium 233MMX)
Video: I tested Voodoo 3 3000 and S3 Virge but I assume it makes no difference.
Sound: Soundblaster 16
HDD: Standard IDE, 2GB (63,16,4063,1999Mb)
Mouse: Serial or PS2
Network: Novell NE2000
Mainboard: [Socket 7] Shuttle HOT-557

* Dynamic recompiler was being used: yes ( default interface option)

* Movie with the issue: https://vimeo.com/500969295

What could be the rootcause for this ?
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