Amstrad PC1512 keyboard

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Amstrad PC1512 keyboard

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Hi all,

I'm using the PC1512 emulator with PCEM v17 and I have some issues:

-I boot with a MSDOS 5 image and set keyb sp (my keyboard is spanish), but when I try to use the arrows, the either work randomly (having to click twice to make it work), or no working at all when using any software. I read there were bugs around the keyboard, is there any patch already for that? I tried to find it in the forum but I couldn't find it.

-Even setting 1.44 FDD as device, when I try to load images this kind, it´s not able to read them. Only 360 or 720 disks... any clue on that?

Thanks so much, regards!
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Re: Amstrad PC1512 keyboard

Post by Arjen42 »

You might fix the keyboard issues by adding the following line to config.sys:

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The PC1512 floppy disk controller does not support high density floppy drives or disks.
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