starting game on PCem Windows 95 virtual machine

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starting game on PCem Windows 95 virtual machine

Post by mazuren »

I have a dear childhood memory of a game called Fun School 5: In Time (High-five if you know it!); a diamond long lost, and nearly untracable on the interwebs. It has once again come into my possession temporarily. It's a relic, so I have installed Windows 95 on PCem. I have extracted the files from the CD and made an .img with ImgBurn, mounted and installed with no errors.

I need to play this old fart once more before I can rest in my grave.

The error
When I start the game it immediately gives the following error.

Error reading PCX file pcx\8-11 titl.pcx

Code: Select all

FS5WIN caused a general protection fault
in module WMNEU.EXE at 001:000026a4.
EAX=00000000 CS=279f EIP=000026a4 EFLGS=00000203
EBX=0000ffff SS=27e7 ESP=000088e4 KBP=802788ea
ECX=00000002 DS=0000 ESI=00000000 FS=0000
EDX=0000ffff ES=27e7 EDI=00002ab6 GS=012f
Bytes at CS:EIP:
f3 a5 13 c9 f3 a4 91 e3 18 0b f6 75 07 8c d8 05
Stack dump:
00f00000 890627e7 279f0976 27e72ab6 00000000
27e70005 2ab60080 00000005 891a0080 000008b6
00802ab6 00bd01db 00000080 892d27e7 279f6c91
Machine: [Socket 7] Shuttle HOT-557
CPU: Intel Pention 90
Memory 32 MB
Video card: 3DFX Voodoo 3 2000
Sound card: Sound Blaster 16

What I have tried
  • Removed all TSRs - Nothing left to uninstall or operations to reduce.
  • Delete all program temporary files - No files present.
  • Run ScanDisk and Defrag - No errors.
  • Verified more than 200MB of disk space - ~8GB available.
  • Disabled external cache in BIOS.
  • Power management in BIOS disabled.
  • No screen saver.
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Re: starting game on PCem Windows 95 virtual machine

Post by Greywolf »

According to the internet it had issues with video drivers clone your system and change video card and install drivers and retry
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Re: starting game on PCem Windows 95 virtual machine

Post by Arjen42 »

This game was designed for Windows 3.1 so it may not work correctly on Windows 95 in some cases.

Create a new emulated PC running DOS and Windows 3.1 and try if it works on this configuration. The system requirements are 386DX/33MHz PC, so a 486DX/2 66Mhz would be more than enough.

You could also try running in 256 color mode, many games from that time where designed for that.
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