Make Multi-Threading Possible on Guest CPUs

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Make Multi-Threading Possible on Guest CPUs

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I know that single threading on host CPUs are obsolete, and that PCem can only support single threading on guest CPUs. I also noticed some games only run on a single core processor including modern Source engine games. (EG. TF2, GMOD, etc.) There's many computer users who still have multi-core CPUs with low single thread ratings, and having a difficult time emulating the Pentium MMX 233 CPUs or up. My CPU is an AMD FX-6300 six-core AM3+ and the Bulldozer architecture threading does not meet the single thread ratings as other AMD processors with AM2 sockets.

If PCem makes multi-threading possible on guest CPUs, just like on Oracle VM VirtualBox and VMware, then nobody would have to empty their wallets to buy a better CPU with the highest single thread rating possible. Unfortunately, VMware and VirtualBox does not support 3D acceleration on Windows ME or below, and some games requires 3D acceleration such as Star Wars Racer, and Forsaken.

Here are consequences on whoever has a bad single threading CPU on the computer, they had to use an alternative to PCem, but no luck on trying to play a demanding title on Windows 95 on VirtualBox or VMware. So what did they do next? If they want to experience retro PC gaming on an old operating system with emulated old specifications, it's completely impossible to those who can't afford a new gaming computer. So what's next? Take a guess. They have to get an ACTUAL computer with Windows 98 pre-installed. It's not the same as emulating cartridge based video game consoles, which they don't have to get an actual video game console to play on. It's completely different.

If they want to get a computer with Windows 98, they would have to find one online. They would have to cost at least $10 for a computer right? NO! They cost like $200-$500 for a Windows 98 computer with good specs on eBay. If you go to a thrift store where they have computers. You may find one for at least $8-$50. It's not a bad price for those, but nowadays, it's nearly impossible to find a computer older than Windows XP at the thrift store.

If you make multi-threading possible on guest CPUs, just like with sound cards, video cards, Voodoo cards, network cards, and other important parts, those troubles will be wiped out. No more worrying about getting a better CPU, no more worrying about getting an actual computer with older Windows operating systems, or no more stress about emulating a best CPU.

Can you please make it possible? Thank you.
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Re: Make Multi-Threading Possible on Guest CPUs

Post by SarahWalker »

No matter how many threads you create on the same subject, this remains and will always remain impossible. It's not me being mean, that's simply not how computers and emulation work.