Network with 2 pcem machines running

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Network with 2 pcem machines running

Post by dstter » Wed 20 May, 2020 11:22 am

It's possible make a network between two pcem machines running in the same OS?

Windows 98 communicating with Windows NT for example
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Re: Network with 2 pcem machines running

Post by omarsis81 » Thu 21 May, 2020 4:06 am

Interesting question. I believe not with network because it is not possible to configure wich card PCem uses in the host computer, but I'm not 100% sure

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Re: Network with 2 pcem machines running

Post by JosepMa » Thu 21 May, 2020 4:50 pm

It should be possible, if you use the pcap driver and configuring a bridge card. (I haven't really tested that, and the release build of PCem only has the SLiRP driver )
Not with the slirp driver, since that doesn't make it visible outside of the PCem instance where it is running.

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Re: Network with 2 pcem machines running

Post by rex_c » Fri 22 May, 2020 5:21 pm

It is possible to have 2 PCEM virtual machines running with network communication on the same Host after PCEM v15.

You need to sure your Host Machine is powerful enough to handle two or more Guest OS (Win 3.1 or up, include Win95, NT etc. Pick Windows OS because it is easy to config, any others OS can also), make sure they are not lag when running both.

I use PCAP, I have not set any bridge on my Host, not necessary, I think after I try.

Main point is to change difference MAC address for each PCEM virtual machine, manually change the config file(s) under PCEM folder on your Host Machine Harddisk.

Code: Select all

XXXXXX is your Guest Machine name(s).


Code: Select all

macaddr = ##:##:##:##:##:##

## represent number in HEX ie. 00 to ff

For example:

macaddr = ac:de:48:88:bb:01


macaddr = ac:de:48:88:bb:03

Config it in "Host Configuration":

PCAP is work on copper connect (Your Host Machine is connected on a wired network with a LAN cable. )


SLiRP is work on wireless connect (Your Host Machine is connected on a wireless network Wi-Fi. )
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