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General MIDI not working

Posted: Fri 05 Feb, 2021 2:21 am
by Katakis
I am trying to use the General MIDI sound device on PCem v17 running under Ubuntu 18.04. The SB16 and SBAWE32 sound cards have built-in MPU-401 chips on their boards. When I tried to run Sierra games using GM under PCemv16, I had an error that said "pcem: rawmidi.c:978: snd_rawmidi_write: Assertion 'rawmidi' failed.". In PCemv17, this error disappears but I get no sound whatsoever. The same happens in v17 of PCem Windows.

It is quite ironic, then, that I had no problems running Phantasmagoria via GM through PCemv14 Win. But that was ages ago when I was playing on an i7 machine). i now have an AMD Ryzen 5. So maybe my CPU is the problem?