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Gravis Ultrasound Midi problem with Pro Patches Lite

Posted: Sun 21 Feb, 2021 6:29 pm
by karr

i found a small problem with midi playback and pro patches lite 1.61.

when i use playmidi player from gravis or another player like dosmid
midis are played ok but when i use the pro patches lite 1.61 i get strange sound crackle
in the drum channel.

the pro patches lite are not broken and installed normally
with dosbox the patches play without crackle.

here a midi file to test and 2 recordings
with dosbox (ece r4441) and pcemv17 ...

i tried several machines and dos configs.
wonder what causes the sound crackle in pcem.
the pcem output level has no effect on this prob.

happens with all midis