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[REQUEST] Is is possible for someone to emulate an AST Bravo LC 4/66d

Posted: Sat 08 Jan, 2022 11:33 pm
by paul92

More info on this machine above.

We had these machines at school round about 1998 running Win95.

Was too young to know the exact specs, but I know it was a 486 as it had an "Intel inside" sticker, and from memory had PS/2 connectors
Also from what I can recall each machine had a Samsung "24x Max" CD Rom - obviously an aftermarket addition.

This was my first experience with a Windows based machine, and it predates my Windows use at home, as we got our first Win98se machine in 1999.

Would love it if someone was able to extract the bios from one of them, and would be able to make a PCEM rom based on it.

Thanks in advance