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General Rules/Helpful Links

Posted: Tue 18 Jan, 2022 1:30 am
by MichaelJManley
I wanted to post here the general rules of the forum now that I am maintainer. I am keeping most of the ones Sarah already established but I want it reiterated and any new ones to go in here,

I am very strict, and I mostly will ignore you if you don't abide by these rules.
  • No posting on how to get ROMs or Location of ROMs. Really a simple Google search will get you what you need. We don't need the possibility of copyright/trademark infringement.
  • This is not 86Box, please post bug reports/issues over at their forum/Discord/GitHub/etc. I will just ignore you.
  • On the same topic of 86Box, if there is a feature it has that we don't, be nice and REQUEST the feature, please don't do the "Well 86Box has x and y why not PCem" its not constructive and looks stupid.
  • Be respectful. If I see any hateful or very disrespectful comments, you will be banned immediately, no questions asked. If you see this happening, please report immediately.
These are very simple rules. If we can abide with them, we will have a very good community.

I am willing to hear any other comments or concerns with these rules or any ideas you might think is beneficial.

Re: General Rules/Helpful Links

Posted: Tue 25 Jan, 2022 10:19 am
by MichaelJManley
Helpful Links:

I will edit this with links at a later time.