MP-401 output broken (test release)

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MP-401 output broken (test release)

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Hi guys, first of all i'd like to point how massive of a update is the test version compared to the stable v17, for my host at least (core i3 12100F, gtx 1070, 16mb ddr4).
V17 is stutterfest, anyway here's the problem i found:

At v17, MP-401 option outputs to my virtualmidisynth driver with soundfonts. 0 configuration involved, just choose mp401 in the game setup and voila, just like in dosbox (hint?)
Now it doesn't output anything, and the game also don't detect any error, it just doesn't play midi.
I tested both the latest and earliest builds available for me, builds #30 and #24 (don't know if i can rebuild a expired build)

Build #11 description reads:
"Redid DLL to take out SDL as its not needed in this case."
SDL.dll is something about multimedia right?
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