Differencing VHD Instant Crash

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Differencing VHD Instant Crash

Post by SupraGSX »

Hi all I was hoping someone could help me with a situation I'm experiencing where pcem is crashing immediately after selecting a parent .vhd. I'm using v17 and trying to connect to a fresh dynamic windows 95.vhd. The steps I'm using are creating a new machine, leaving all settings identical to parent windows 95 machine, going to hard drive creation select differencing vhd. The settings for sectors, heads, etc. all go to parent. Next I name it something like game.vhd select ok and the program crashes. Upon reopening there is no new machine config. If I explore the file system there will be a file with the name game.vhd but it is 0mb. Attempting to create a machine and boot from game.vhd acts as though windows hasn't been installed. My end goal is simply to try and get away from one game breaking another. By having a master parent os.vhd and child game vhd each game can essentially have its own os that only it interacts with and I don't have to reinstall windows 100 times. Thanks for any help on what I'm doing wrong.

Edit: I downloaded the latest vnext build that simply says pcem error can't create vhd instead of crashing. Has anyone got this working reliably?
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Re: Differencing VHD Instant Crash

Post by Arjen42 »

I don't think PCem vnext supports advanced vhd features. So If you if you need this functionality, just make a copy of the vhd while the emulated PC is turned off. The disk sizes aren't too big and you can turn on ntfs compression to save disk space.
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