Installing PCem on Steam Deck

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Installing PCem on Steam Deck

Post by cuthbertdavies »

I've been attempting to install PCem on my Steam Deck. Since there is no Flatpak available, I've been trying to install it manually. However, the installation script keeps giving me errors about lacking write permissions and missing dependencies, even though I'm using sudo. I suspect it has something to do with the locked-down filesystem on the Steam Deck, which is why everyone recommends downloading Flatpaks or AppImages.

Is there any way to use PCem without having to modify the system?
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Re: Installing PCem on Steam Deck

Post by xenaretos »

I don't know the specifics of Steam Deck, but PCEm runs fine under proton. That's what I do on my LInux Mint since the compiled version (which did compile in my case) lacked the middle mouse button (semi-intentionally) and crashed with a segfault every time I tried run a 3dfx game.

So, if you can put the windows version somewhere in the file system and add it to steam, running it via proton experimental, it should work.
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